Shadow of Me

  The shadow of me keeps on haunting me following every step I take every mistake lingers behind me taunting me with a dark overcast - of innocence lost of heartache endured of pain to come. The shadow of me my only companion in my world of solitude is a constant reminder of my past... Continue Reading →

Ocean Waves

Missing you is like the ocean each day has a different sea state it comes in waves my heart - the moon that controls the tides - my mind - the captain of my ship, sailing through the unknown. Missing you tonight (the waves roar, my ship sinks) feels like drowning.   - Nikki Leibbrandt... Continue Reading →


Breathe in the dust particles of roads traveled by thousands infiltrating your lungs and narrowing your arteries until your heart turns to stone.   Breathe out the smoke of a fire burning in your soul covering everything in darkness until your world turns into shadows.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2019)   More about image, here.

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