Lake of Reminisce

  Tossed into the lake of reminisce drowning in the memories of then I float on the one of you and me dressed up in black and white I drift through the memory holding my breath until I turn grey just to freeze time.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2018) More about the image here.

Strings of the Heart

  Cut the strings of the Puppeteer and obedience disintegrates into thin air as the strings fall to earth like shooting stars. I rapidly make a wish to be tied to my dreams forever and suddenly strings grow out of my heart. I cast them into the galaxy of endless possibilities to be pulled left... Continue Reading →

Swimming in the Grey

  We've become part of a world that is black and white. In this monochrome world, we numb and block out all the uncertainties life offers. Limiting the opportunities, growth, emotions and memories we are destined to experience. Neatly packaging our lives in little identical boxes.   The uncertain moulded into certainty, there is either... Continue Reading →

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