"I would prefer not to" is my mantra my protection against the "he", "she" and "they" of this realm. The words clothe me in isolation capturing the self as a silhouette.   "I would prefer not to" flows out of the mouth and mixed with these syllables the "I" escapes from the lungs, released... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Generation

I feel like I need to write this. I am sick and tired of people looking down on others, because they are not the same. BECAUSE THEY STUDY SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN YOU. This is the story of vegetables. I was sitting in Admin A silently waiting to give in my sister's bursary application (who will... Continue Reading →

Mr Scientist

  Through the screen of your computer you got caught in the web of the Incy Wincy Spider. She frightened all the Miss Muffet's away but the curious scientist? He wanted to stay.   So the Incy Wincy Spider went up the water sprout and sat next to little Mr Scientist eating his curds and whey.... Continue Reading →

The Blind Gardener

  Don't plant flowers in my heart if you are not willing to water them Don't get me wrong without you I won't wither away See, Sunshine is my middle name Fertile soil tickles my toes And water you ask? Well, I'm deeply rooted With an integrate network stretching towards the core of the earth Oh, you didn't... Continue Reading →

Walking Paintings

  Dip the brush into an endless sea of color and paint the mind anew. Draw a smile over the every happy moment that stretches wider than the Nile river. Cover the past fits of anger with frowns and red crosses to scratch out the dark past. Smudge the sad experiences with sky blue tears and pray for... Continue Reading →

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