Paper Boy

  You were a dangerous collection of everything I wanted. The shadow of a parallel life I missed out on.   You lost your human form, so I hid you in my poetry. I resurrected you numerous times and traveled with you to the ends of my mind.   The Paper, an unexplored world and... Continue Reading →

Feeling 22

    It feels like the perfect night to climb in a time machine and to reminisce about teenage years It feels like the perfect night for washing dishes at midnight to lose ourselves in years of unspoken conversations   We're unsure, free, nervous and lonely at the same time It's scary and super unnatural.... Continue Reading →

Bad Liar   I was walking down the street the other day Tryna distract myself But then I see your face Oh wait, that's someone else Oh, tryna play it coy Tryna make it disappear But just like the battle of Troy There's nothing subtle here In my room there's a king size space Bigger than... Continue Reading →


  First borne of flesh, handcrafted piece-by-piece in the womb with an instruction manual. Now, reborn out of Fire with the power of silence humming my name- a silent Observer.   I was drawn to the Vega Woods of Wisdom and Magic and at a crossroad, I met their guard, Evergreen. And every time our... Continue Reading →

The Untitled Book

  There was not enough time to stop it. To make everything go away. She would have to accept it. Or find a way out. And that was the problem. She grunted and kicked the white snow into the frosty air. "Bad idea", she muttered under her breath as  the melted snow soaked through her... Continue Reading →

A Hex Girl

Tonight, was a night like any other. Work, work and more work. But, then suddenly everything changed. It started with a faint whisper in my mind, then I started humming, then the lyrics flashed past my eyes, so I started singing...loudly. Which just led me to Youtube, because no one likes to sing solo. And... Continue Reading →

The State of Mind

  Where do all the good thoughts go once the Darkness sets in? Their bright colours evaporating into eerie echoes I'm wiped clean, stroke by stroke It paints over the curves, holes and secret hidings erasing my internal landscape - a blank canvas - now a ghostly City of Thoughts with only a faint shadow of... Continue Reading →

Digging up graves and Reopening Wounds: The Articulation of Trauma in Country of My Skull and A Pale View of Hills.

The trauma and memory of a violent past obscures the boundaries between reality and imagination evoking a sense of confusion and an unspeakable pain. Trauma survivors bury their unspeakable pain and experiences in ‘deep memory’ which cannot be accessed without what Cathy Carruth in Unclaimed Experience calls a ‘second wounding’ (Carruth 34). During an outreach... Continue Reading →


  I'm sick. But the doctor says I'm special, so I guess that makes it better. Honestly, not really, it makes me feel more alone than I already am. Social Outsider now becomes Medical Outsider too. Fantastic. Brilliant. Just outstanding.   On a positive note I will be graduating this summer... But, now I have... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Nation

  On a Magic Carpet I travel through Time to the Land of Scarlet.   Away from the Fire that erupted in the Valley of White and Black.   I seek the knowledge of the Wise Wanderer to cure my Rainbow Nation.   To uproot the Seed planted in the Offspring of the Ghost heritage.   And... Continue Reading →

Ex’s and Oh’s

Love is a game of tic-tac-toe. I'll be the naughts - round, playful and innocent- and you'll be the crosses - risky, wrong and secretive- and so, the ink starts to flow. - Nikki Leibbrandt (2016)


  "I would prefer not to" is my mantra my protection against the "he", "she" and "they" of this realm. The words clothe me in isolation capturing the self as a silhouette.   "I would prefer not to" flows out of the mouth and mixed with these syllables the "I" escapes from the lungs, released... Continue Reading →

Listening to the Radio

Heard them on the radio today while working. Thought I would share.

Vegetable Generation

I feel like I need to write this. I am sick and tired of people looking down on others, because they are not the same. BECAUSE THEY STUDY SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN YOU. This is the story of vegetables. I was sitting in Admin A silently waiting to give in my sister's bursary application (who will... Continue Reading →

Mr Scientist

  Through the screen of your computer you got caught in the web of the Incy Wincy Spider. She frightened all the Miss Muffet's away but the curious scientist? He wanted to stay.   So the Incy Wincy Spider went up the water sprout and sat next to little Mr Scientist eating his curds and whey.... Continue Reading →

The Blind Gardener

  Don't plant flowers in my heart if you are not willing to water them Don't get me wrong without you I won't wither away See, Sunshine is my middle name Fertile soil tickles my toes And water you ask? Well, I'm deeply rooted With an integrate network stretching towards the core of the earth Oh, you didn't... Continue Reading →

Walking Paintings

  Dip the brush into an endless sea of color and paint the mind anew. Draw a smile over the every happy moment that stretches wider than the Nile river. Cover the past fits of anger with frowns and red crosses to scratch out the dark past. Smudge the sad experiences with sky blue tears and pray for... Continue Reading →

By The Sea

This book completely surprised me. The magical narration, the nostalgic voice of the characters, the pain, hurt, memories and restoration, redemption and forgiveness is beautiful and something my own heart desires. Captivating story. Here are a few jewels I found in Abdulrazak Gurnah's novel By The Sea: "It's a dour place, the land of memory, a... Continue Reading →

Midnight Crisis

  There is danger in the silence of the night. In the darkness looms limitless creatures and thousands of shifting shadows. The hours of darkness muffles the mumbles and whispers of the troubled and living dead. In the deep chambers of the night everything loses its sense of solidity. The air is impregnated with Silence... Continue Reading →

Have all beautiful things sad destinies?

"It was a beautiful place- wild, untouched, above all untouched, with an alien, disturbing, secret loveliness. And it kept its secret. I'd find myself thinking, 'What I see is nothing -I want what it hides- that is not nothing.'" - Wide Sargasso Sea (1966) by Jean Rhys

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