Diving into the Personal Pronoun

Mystical beauty knitted together in the mother's womb deteriorated by Time, Mind and Souls. ... A frozen snow globe, turned into a Winter scene, the fragmented "I"; falling snowflakes. ...   Dive into the personal pronoun break the snow globe that filled the lungs with poison and froze the muscles into silence - breathe, move,... Continue Reading →


The “I” Life Stages

  When you loved nursery rhymes and playing outside you lived and breathed the "I" that you were born to be, unable to disguise the radical beauty knitted in the womb.   The day you started to hate homework and had to wear uniforms daily was the birth of your Consciousness that tore away at... Continue Reading →

Dragon Gate Journey: Koi to Dragon

  Like a koi fish swimming against the tide of an endless fusion of blue pushing through the water, the mind is painted anew and Happiness drenches every lived moment stretching wider than the Yellow River.   Travelling upstream the sun peaks out illuminating the final destination and the past darkness is distorted by a new... Continue Reading →

Sepia Dreams

  Together we were poetry our minds frozen, not thinking- in those moments we just felt.   Our relationship was both a lighthouse and a storm doomed to be lost at sea.   Now I lock myself up in my bedroom force my mind to dream about moments lost in my memory fabricated by nostalgia,... Continue Reading →

Dead Candle

  I saw the soul instead of the body changing my ideal of beauty when you came like Autumn and made me fall every time.   Back then I was Rain and you just a little child cupping your hands to catch every droplet, but now I'm Fire begging you to sit closer to defrost... Continue Reading →

The Writer

The Writer a tailor looking at the world sewing the tangible into strings of words.   The Writer a healer diagnosing and saving lives with the linguistic cure- a formulation of love translated into letters.   The Writer a teacher simplifying the quantum physics of life into simplistic allegories and imagery.   The Writer a... Continue Reading →

Last Waltz

  bled my heart out to deaf ears gave my first kiss to unloving lips offered a piece of my soul to a fallen angel stored all my darkest secrets in an unlocked box grabbed the hand of a cold corpse talked about life and death with an unresponsive mute smiled impulsively, glowing brighter than... Continue Reading →


  Eyes fixed on the road in a trance state- first gear, second gear... fifth gear- the car speeds past the cornfields until a dead crow appears. Black and White. Stiff, on its back, defeated. The predator that greedily feasted on the innocent victims of drivers, now joined the dead it loved to tear apart.... Continue Reading →

Love Drug

  We cut open our wrists and watch our dreams and fears bleed out until the crimson waterfall dries up.   Then we bare our naked arms and stick a needle into the violet veins injecting poetry into our coronary arteries until it passes through the heart filling the four chambers with new hope.  ... Continue Reading →

Slave to Time

  A slave to Time tick-tock tick-tock and suddenly it is seven o'clock frantically grab the drugs to keep you "normal" more mundane to the human eye   eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve the alarm rattles your chains gulp down your second dose numbing your Self, hiding the truth   blink once, blink twice and... Continue Reading →

During Your Stormy Ocean

  When the mind is overcast with heavily pregnant clouds and the body is a stormy ocean with the tide ever rising. When it is unthinkable to open the tap to let the sweet water flow and the air is filled with toxic chemicals suffocating the lungs. Remember these three words that can part the... Continue Reading →

Ghosted Rapunzel

  When our Fantasy World crafted by the coupling of our minds turned into a Ghost Town I was hostage to my feelings ravaging through our Time trying to find the Flaw that I must have let slip through.   Our shared ideas, laughter and philosophies all in the effort to find something we didn't... Continue Reading →


Y e s. N o. Y e s. N o. Falls the daisy petals I frantically pluck out of my bewildered brain. A battle of what I desire and what my insecurities keep whispering. I grasp at the last petal making my decision final. Y e s. (But he's a stranger, everything could be a... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Bus Rider

    I hate to swear to the Heavens above, but there I was... sitting in that bus seat. I swear just like a nun in a church, burning up just for him- sweaty palms, red cheeks waiting for the next smile. Sinning, but Father why does this feel like a blessing not a curse?... Continue Reading →

Oxygen Resistant

  Corrosion slowly took place little by little pieces of the soul rusted your breath the air I consumed You the natural process that stole the parts that made most sense You the chemical that gradually destroyed the things you loved most Toxic to the core but the thing I treasured most Now I've transformed... Continue Reading →

Dusty Footsteps

  been quiet for way too long the blood is dripping from biting my tongue   my feet are sore and tired covered in blisters from running away from the truth   sick of listening to the same old tune walking the path of life to the repetitive melody   one pair of footsteps on... Continue Reading →

Silent Proficiency Test

  I am fluent in silence, clothed in the smothered whispers of untold stories.   I am a paradox screaming in silent syllables.   I am love letters you refuse to read, but can't throw away.   I am bubblegum spat out once the flavour is gone.   I am me a silhouette fading in the... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Drought

  The mind is a Stormy Sea repetitions of Waves- thoughts stuck in a Whirlpool drowning in blue nothingness.   The Tongue a dried up Waterfall, starting to budge through the creaks of the crumbling Reservoir.   . . . And I scream. . . .   The Mind is a Spring Water Fountain overflowing... Continue Reading →

Paper Boy

  You were a dangerous collection of everything I wanted. The shadow of a parallel life I missed out on.   You lost your human form, so I hid you in my poetry. I resurrected you numerous times and traveled with you to the ends of my mind.   The Paper, an unexplored world and... Continue Reading →

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