Forgive, Forget and Forgotten

Dear You, I said no to you three times, I know now it’s because I was protecting myself. Deep down I knew that you’re not capable of having a relationship—at least not the kind I want. I just ignored the obvious truth. I’m going to be honest with you, because that’s what people who care... Continue Reading →


Lost To Found

  I think God allowed me to purposely lose a personal item - more specifically my cross earrings - just so I can watch God help me find them, and the biggest reason for this is that it reinforces my faith in His constant presence, guidance and the love in my life.  It also tells me... Continue Reading →

My Lighthouse

Formed in Your womb, You loved me before the Disappointment before the Tears before the Stress. Embracing my Imperfections, You showered me with an illuminating Love that became a Lighthouse to hide from the Darkness.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2019) To my mom. I love you.   More about the picture here.

Trapped in a Box

These four walls cut off my supply of oxygen blurring my sense of self. The screams, whispers and lies tell me who I am - no - who they think I am supposed to be and I listen, polluting my mind with the poisonous smoke, smothering my voice until it's weak and muffled.   Forced... Continue Reading →


In my World the Full Moon appears like a unexpected guest - out of the blue and unwelcome. Claws pierce through human flesh as the Moon takes control of the Body. Howling, it makes You the background singer in your self-titled album.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2019)   I write this poem with a heavy... Continue Reading →

Dear, Sun Goodbye. Love, Moon.

  You are the Sun and I'm the Moon. In our circular dance of Night and Day, you lost sight of our violet Sunsets, deciding Twilight just wasn't good enough for you and instead shone your rays on Earth in search of something the Galaxy cannot offer you.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2019)   There... Continue Reading →

Shadow of Me

  The shadow of me keeps on haunting me following every step I take every mistake lingers behind me taunting me with a dark overcast - of innocence lost of heartache endured of pain to come. The shadow of me my only companion in my world of solitude is a constant reminder of my past... Continue Reading →

Ocean Waves

Missing you is like the ocean each day has a different sea state it comes in waves my heart - the moon that controls the tides - my mind - the captain of my ship, sailing through the unknown. Missing you tonight (the waves roar, my ship sinks) feels like drowning.   - Nikki Leibbrandt... Continue Reading →


Breathe in the dust particles of roads traveled by thousands infiltrating your lungs and narrowing your arteries until your heart turns to stone.   Breathe out the smoke of a fire burning in your soul covering everything in darkness until your world turns into shadows.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2019)   More about image, here.

Sunflower Slave

You are the sun and I? I'm your loyal follower. A sunflower, enslaved to move my body to face your glorious rays. Worshiping the warmth that radiates from You, because I stopped shining.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2018) A poem to chronic medication.   I don't write about this often, even though it is something... Continue Reading →

Lake of Reminisce

  Tossed into the lake of reminisce drowning in the memories of then I float on the one of you and me dressed up in black and white I drift through the memory holding my breath until I turn grey just to freeze time.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2018) More about the image here.

Strings of the Heart

  Cut the strings of the Puppeteer and obedience disintegrates into thin air as the strings fall to earth like shooting stars. I rapidly make a wish to be tied to my dreams forever and suddenly strings grow out of my heart. I cast them into the galaxy of endless possibilities to be pulled left... Continue Reading →

Swimming in the Grey

  We've become part of a world that is black and white. In this monochrome world, we numb and block out all the uncertainties life offers. Limiting the opportunities, growth, emotions and memories we are destined to experience. Neatly packaging our lives in little identical boxes.   The uncertain moulded into certainty, there is either... Continue Reading →


  Bite into the forbidden fruit and your teeth decays, dripping with bittersweet blood driving your hormones insane: you burn my favorite dress. Smoke and words interlace in the night sky as we feast on time laughing as our grey matter dies.   - Nikki Leibbrandt (2018) More about image here.

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